We create a synergy between marketing and video.
Be a voice not an echo…

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We are not just making a video, we create branded video solutions that really engage. But more important; as experienced marketers, we create a synergy between marketing and video.


We are Brandsonly and we will bring you real marketing-power, creativity and… great video’s. A combination you won’t find easily!


“Online video is the Swiss army knife of internet marketing”

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We could do all the thinking on our own. But we prefer thinking alongside you.

Other than just getting a call to shoot some videos we like to be involved in the process that goes on before you give us a call to shoot some videos. This makes it much easier to get the results we both want.

And due to extensive experience in branding and marketing, with a retail perspective, we can bring knowledge to the table that others just can’t.


After thinking about what and how you want to tell something to your customer (to be), we get to the creation part.

This is where all the scripting, planning, production, designing, filming, motion-designing and editing is taking place.

We have a large group of professionals at our disposal that could manage small and large productions, from low to ultra high-end and everything in de middle. So we’re quite scalable.


And of course after we’ve made your branded video content you want to engage your customers.

Well, that’s what we could help you do to! By e.g., selecting target-audiences and looking for ways to best serve them your content.

There are literally thousands of options, with all different kinds of impact. We’ll help you find the right one!


Some brands we’ve worked for

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Our office in Kampen:

Vloeddijk 158
8261 GM Kampen
The Netherlands
+31(0)6 44993035


Our office in Emmeloord:

Plevierenstraat 19
8301 AL Emmeloord
The Netherlands